Friday, July 27, 2007

Your sugar daddy guide to San Francisco

Urban guide Gridskipper is highlighting San Francisco spots where sugar daddies can treat trophy ladies to glittering baubles, 700-count Egyptian cotton sheets and other goodies designed to get them laid tonight.

But! What about sugar daddies who like their trophies manly? Here are some of Gridskipper's picks, and my counter recommendations -- all just in time for daddies visiting The City for Up Your Alley this weekend.

Gridskipper: Alla Prima Fine Lingerie, 539 Hayes St. A chic spot for La Perla Black Label panties. (The fave brand of hookers!)
Castro Confidential: Injeanious, 432 Castro St. Tons of 2(x)ist briefs that'll only enhance your man's bubble butt.

No-tell hotels
Gridskipper: St. Regis, 125 3rd St. Features 24-hour butler service and in-room wax jobs.
Castro Confidential: Parker Guest House, 520 Church St. No one bats an eye when you bring your traveling sling.

Gridskipper: Tiffany & Co., 350 Post St. Diamonds are a girl's best friend -- especially when they come in little acquamarine boxes.
Castro Confidential: Mr. S Leather, 385 8th St. Where else can you get a lovely stainless steel chastity cock cage for only $395!

Live sex shows
Gridskipper: Mitchell Brothers, 895 O'Farrell St. Where daddy picks up a few glamour girls.
Castro Confidential: Nob Hill Theatre, 729 Bush St. Where daddy sucks off a few manly men.

[Photo: Jake Cruise Media]

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