Friday, June 15, 2007

We join sex pirates on a Sacto boat cruise

Castro Confidential telexes its far-flung correspondents for Social Notes from All Over. Today, a friend writes:

So I was invited by a friend -- OK, OK, a sleazy, sexy fuck buddy from Asspig -- to cruise the delta in his motorboat up to Sacramento, where the locals have a gay day bash scheduled for this weekend. I was enticed by the lure of the waters and a promised post-cruise romp in the living quarters below deck. He was heading up to meet some members of the Barbary Coast Boating Club for the weekend. His partner and his boy -- aren't relationships interesting? -- were heading up by car together the next day, although my date's boy's own partner, I think, was planning to celebrate Sacramento's gayness closer to home. I was busy the next day, so I planned to take Amtrak back to the Bay Area from our state's gracious capital.

As we pulled into the delta from a modest East Bay port, my date's MAFIA baseball cap (MAFIA stands for Mid-America Fists in Action, for those who need to be told) blew off and into the water. We puttered around and I hooked it with a long metal pole designed to, well, hook things from the drink. The trip took about five hours, and we hooked up with another Barbary Coast member along the way for a quickie lunch in a little deli along the water in Walnut Grove.

We docked in Sacto at about 3 p.m., alongside several other Barbary Coast piratical types with much bigger boats than ours, including a modest-sized yacht that could have been transformed into a lovely sex club or even boat-bathhouse. After a bit of schmoozing and socializing with the other denizens of our colorful little gay boating band, my date and I descended to the nether regions of his vehicle and did the nasty deed. Mission accomplished!


Anonymous said...

ours not hours. isn't anyone professional anymore?

Jim said...

Yikes! We're professionals here at CC -- professional smart asses!