Sunday, September 02, 2007

On Ibiza, life's a gay beach

The scene earlier this month at Ibiza's gay beach, Playa des Cavallet, with two especially hot numbers (left) getting cozy. Other than the fact they're beaches and both draw gay men, the comparison to Baker Beach in San Francisco stops there. Playa des Cavallet's water is, of course, wonderfully warm and it has a terrific beachside cafe, Chiringay, where Sparky and I enjoyed late, late lunches. We'd often arrive at the beach on the 3:30 bus, then stay until the last one, at 8, before returning to Ibiza Town for a snooze, shower and shave just before an 11 p.m. dinner.

One day at Playa des Cavallet, I saw porn star Francesco D'Macho (left) with his pal, dancer and model Marco Da Silva (center), and a third guy (right), who I think is a DJ in Milan. I've searched high and low, but can't find that DJ's name; hands down, he was hotness on toast! Maybe Francesco or Marco will answer the questions I've left on their sites?

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