Sunday, September 02, 2007

How I spent my summer vacation

A week after returning to the states, I'm still catching up. Here's the holiday run down:
  • Provincetown. Kind of a big snooze: Half the Castro seemed to be there and the weather was too often cool, which made it feel like we were still back in San Francisco. Breakfast at a new place, Devon's, was a treat. And, as always, we loved Cafe Heaven. But I just can't get into the new club scene focused on the Paramount at the Crown & Anchor Inn. Call me old school, but I loved the days when the more laid-back A-House was the only place to be. On the other hand, it was a delight to get to know our new pal, Joey, at Cyber Cove. So cute! Grading P-town: C-plus.
  • Ibiza. We've never seen so many good looking men in one place at one time -- and that includes our several forays to Rio de Janeiro. I recommend any meal at the French patisserie, Croissant-Show, at the foot of Dalt Vila. And don't miss dinner at El Olivo or at the Plaza del Sol Restaurant, atop Dalt Vila and offering a view of the city below. The big drug crackdown this summer that spurred club shutdowns and raids didn't slow the availability of pot, cocaine and Ecstasy. Grading Ibiza: A-.
  • London. It was every bit as pricey as Sparky had warned. (Lunch of two hamburgers, one order of fries and two Cokes for $40.) Stay where we stayed: the Mountbatten on Seven Dials, just blocks from the gay district centered on Old Compton Street. Run -- don't walk -- for dinner at the delightful Mon Plaiser on Monmouth Street. And don't miss Monmouth Coffee Co. Hate to say, but it puts Peet Coffee & Tea to shame. Grading London: B-plus.

[Photos, left to right: P-Town's Lobster Pot restaurant; a scene from the June Release Yourself party at Ibiza's Pacha; Big Liz.]

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