Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plus! Jimmy Hoffa was one of his drug dealers

Summer always brings slow-mo days with little to write about. So! What better moment for Time magazine to resurrect that old chestnut: How did big-haired and even bigger-dicked rocker Jim Morrison really die?

The Conventional Wisdom: Morrison, then 27, croaked in a Paris bathtub in July 1971, of what the police said were "natural causes."

The Scandalous New Wisdom: Sam Bernett, 21 at the time, says he ran Paris' hottest club, the Rock 'n Roll Circus, drawing a nightly crowd of stoners. After midnight July 3, Bernett claims in a new book, The End, he found Morrison's lifeless body in the club's bathroom, having overdosed on heroin. "There was foam coming out of his lips," he tells Time.

A doctor at the scene told Bernett that Morrison was dead. Bernett wanted to call the cops for help. But the singer's drug dealers said no, and instead had the body driven back to the apartment he shared his girlfriend. It was then soaked in the bathtub.

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