Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How 'bout another big wienie, Roddy?

Why is 1950s teen idol Tab Hunter (far left) serving a hot dog to supposedly super-hung Roddy McDowell? What's up with that chocolate cake McDowell's got? That's the problem with grabbing photos off this Internet thing -- sometimes they're just a big mystery. But! This much is true: Hunter ended one of Hollywood's worst-kept secrets -- that he was a big siss all along -- with his autobiography two years ago. Tab Hunter Confidential (catchy title!) revealed hi jinks with actor Tony "Psycho" Perkins and Rudolph "tight work clothes" Nureyev. All of which took up a lot of space to get to the fact that today is Hunter's 76th birthday.

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Robyn E. Kenealy said...

LOl! I love this photo, it's one of my faves. It's from a story from the fifties in a movie magazine. Can't recall the name of the mag, but the story is called (believe it or not) 'Calling All Girls!'

I think the whole story is somewhere on amoungst the assorted scans.

All the best,
Robyn E.K.