Monday, June 04, 2007

Wolf, Anderson edge closer to daddy status

Scott Wolf, who played gay in 1999's Ecstasy-themed movie Go -- I really liked it -- turns 39 today. (Here's a YouTube clip from that flick.) Also, silver-haired divo Anderson Cooper hit the big 4-0 yesterday; more famous births here. Anderson's comes as he's reportedly to start earning $50 million under a new CNN contract. It's been a year since photos first surfaced of his tasty young boyfriend. If Anderson's dating anyone special these days, he's learned his lesson and is now keeping the lucky fellow under wraps. Finally, Boom Boom Room fans are begging Brad Pitt -- who stopped being hot after Legends of the Fall -- and still-hot daddy George Clooney to save that Laguna Beach gay watering hole from mean heterosexualist developers.

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