Thursday, June 14, 2007

Photo fuss; name-calling, a leather 'disaster'

The lowdown in today's B.A.R.: CAUGHT WITH PANTS DOWN: Castro resident Steve Baechtle (left) is suing AutoErotica after that 18th Street shop displayed his nude photo in the window; the store's owner found the photo on the Internet. (Imagine that!) And his lawsuit's really not just a $20,000 shakedown, either! OUT THERE: An epic pub-crawl in the Spanish beach resort of Sitges, found "dripping with gays'' and various poofters. PC ALERT: Some people are whining that someone used the word fag to promote a party. Mean! CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Stabbing near 19th and Sanchez streets. MR. MARCUS: The leather gays are hyperventilating over a Mr. SF Leather Contest change that "would spell disaster in capital letters.''

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