Thursday, June 14, 2007

Still not dead

Frequently marrying and divorcing blustery tycoon Donald Trump turns 61 today. He's been a busy beaver, our Aqua Net addict, teaming with Fox to develop Lady or a Tramp, a new reality show that'll helpfully send party girls to charm school. (Barely rejected original title, Defamer says: Trump Sluts.)

"A few months ago, Britney had just shaved her head, and the idea was timely," producer Chris Coelen told New York magazine. "Now, with all this craziness with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, it's even more timely." Yes! New York adds: And next month, when Mary-Kate and Ashley get arrested for running a meth lab, it'll be super-timely!

Defamer imagines the grisley brainstorming going on inside Fox right now: "Currently under consideration is shifting Trump from his iconic Apprentice boardroom to a set recreating his luxurious bedroom, where the unclothed, freshly serviced mogul will roll over beneath his absurdly high-thread-count sheets to reveal the identity of the week's losing contestant, then send her on her way with a curt, "You're a tramp. Cab fare's on the nightstand."

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