Sunday, June 17, 2007

The perfect gift for them? His-and-his iPhones!

I know things are loosening up in the super-straight world of Silicon Valley high finance when a partner at a leading venture-capital firm gets hitched to his boyfriend -- and then courts publicity in one of the most widely read newspapers in finance. I'm talking about Patrick Chung (left). He and Matthew Burt affirmed their partnership last night at the Memorial Church of Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., the New York Times said this morning. Chung is no slouch: He's at New Enterprise Associates, one of the valley's top investors in high-tech business start-ups. Chung's include controversial 23andMe, a biotechnology company started by the new wife of one of the world's richest men: Sergey Brin, the multigazillionaire co-founder of Google. But maybe I shouldn't be surprised: Google itself is recruiting gay boys and gals through a full-page advertisement in the just-published Pride 07 guide to all things queer in San Francisco. [Photo: New Enterprise Associates]

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