Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gay or celebrity baby daddy?

That's Detail's timely question from its recurring "Gay or...?" series. This one, of course, is aimed at Larry Birkhead, Anna Nicole Smith's ex and the father of her kid. The mag's field notes:

1) Overstyled hair: Messy, because the baby keeps him up all night.
2) Dazed expression: It's hard to keep up the enthusiasm on this side of the camera.
3) Fake tan: When your lover lives like a candle in the wind, you can't help catching a few rays.
4) Slim physique: TrimmmmSpa, baby!
5) Partially unbuttoned shirt: What, you thought your mama's chest was the only one worth flaunting?
6) Tight white pants: When you've got the law on your side, your confidence grows.
7) Camera: Even the most seasoned professional needs two hands to squeeze off a good shot.

FOOTNOTED: Birkhead will appear at the annual Barnstable-Brown party in Louisville, leading to this Saturday's Kentucky Derby. I lived in Louisville before moving to San Francisco. I always suspected the Barnstable-Brown event -- hosted by two former Doublemint Twins models -- was a low-rent fundraiser chock full of C-list celebs. Now I know for sure. [Thanks for the tip, Kenneth in the 212]

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