Monday, September 03, 2007

Will the real Sullivan husbear step forward?

I was surprised that blogger Andrew Sullivan's wedding last week didn't make Sunday's New York Times, given the high-profile position he's taken on gay marriage. Meanwhile, I may have sussed out a photo or two of Sullivan's elusive but very hairy hubbie, the artist and music re-mixer Aaron Tone. I'm confident that's him, above, with their two beagles; I'm less confident about the photo, left, presumably pre-beard. In any case, they've lived together two or three years. The vitals: Sullivan's 44; Tone, 31. Still no word on exactly how tall Tone stands; he looked about 6'3'' when I saw him recently. A quick glance at his websites here and here, though, shows he's kind of a big ol' poofter: He loves, loves, loves Madonna! Plenty of gossip on the newlyweds here. Some of it might even be true! Plus, don't miss the controversy over whether a Tone painting shows Sullivan's butt. Still, maybe I'm just sentimental, but I liked what Sullivan wrote about his pre-wedding jitters.

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