Friday, September 07, 2007

Jobs aren't us; Gaynor gains, Bankhead redux

Yikes! We're all gonna lose our jobs because the economy's going into a total molto-meltdown. (Or not!) Answer: A gazillion. Question: "Just how many closeted, self-hating, violently repressed 'I-am-not-gay' totally gay hypocrites are there in the Republican Party?" Disco diva Gloria "I Will Survive" Gaynor (left) turns 58 today; more big birthdays here. Plus, Out There's dish, yesterday, on Tallulah Bankhead reminds me of a story from playwright Lillian Hellman's memoirs, Pentimento. While she was being considering for the role of Regina in the stage version of Hellman's The Little Foxes, Bankhead insisted on being interviewed in bed, with her husband, John Emery, by her side. "'Wait a minute, darling, just wait a minute. I have something to show you,''' Hellman quotes Bankhead saying. "She threw aside the sheets, pointed down at the naked, miserable Emery and said, 'Just tell me, darling, if you've ever seen a prick that big.''' Meanwhile, in other big-cock news, we have this debate. Mangia!

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