Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Barneys beckons; Mapplethorpe remembered

Led by Wednesday's opening of the city's first Barneys, San Francisco is about to get a host of new and expanded retailers, including diamond king De Beers; Prada, and Helmut Lang. The Minneapolis airport toilet stall where Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig was busted for soliciting sex has become a tourist attraction. Edward Mapplethorpe tells New York magazine he was drawn to the creative universe of his famous photographer brother Robert (left), "a world of subversive sex and hard drugs, obsession and ambition, darkness and beauty." Sounds like fun! Even though Edward says he isn't gay! Plus, it takes three hours to style Michael Jackson's "freaky coif,'' says the ever-reliable Page Six.

[Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe in a self-portrait, 1980]

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