Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the other hand, we're really big tippers

Sparky and I had this debate at the beach on Ibiza: Just how many men there were close to our age? We agreed on a "few dozen or less" of the more than 1,000 (Sparky's estimate) guys sipping cocktails, slapping on suntan oil, and planning drugs for that night's party at, say, Privilege. We saw a lot of hot guys. But we didn't meet many of them. (Like: none.)

So! When are you "old" according to the younger gay set? On Fire Island, it's when you hit the mid-40s. "He was at least 45,'' one gay boy was overheard hissing recently as he described an oldster on Pavilion's dance floor. "His chest hair was, like, grey.'' To which I reply: Lemme show you my pubes, darling!

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