Thursday, August 02, 2007

Leading B.A.R.: Russian bears and alley cats

What I'm reading this morning in our little weekly: COPS HUNTING. Police have resumed their search for suspects in a June attack on two gay man where one was stabbed on 19th Street. BARE BEARS: Thousands of big hairy gay guys converge on the Russian River's Guerneville for Lazy Bear Weekend. HALLOWEEN TROUBLE? Efforts to move the violence-scarred Halloween night street party from the Castro to the waterfront took a hit when pop singer Pink pulled out of the event. KARRNAL KNOWLEDGE: Exploring the guilty pleasures of swallowing in Muscle Pit, where the actors "like men, period." MISTER MARCUS staggers across the finish line with an Up Your Alley roundup. [Photo: an Up Your Alley attendee, B.A.R.]

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