Saturday, July 21, 2007

Straight Dating 101 in the Castro

We gays in the Castro seldom run into that curious species: heterosexuals. So, now and then, it's worth visiting their little (sad?) world to find out what they're up to. Consider the following romance ads on Craigslist's men seeking women Castro page. (Yes! Penis-havers are looking for vagina-havers in our very own neighborhood.)

1. Big hug: "I have a Boa constrictor named Precious." Cute! We love guys who name their cocks.

2. This fellow "appreciates the arts, ballet, and aesthetic beauty.'' And he's not even gay. Really! (Really?)

3. Hey, Imelda Marcos: You still looking to replace that refrigerated dead husband of yours? This guy is "passionate for shoes."

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