Sunday, July 15, 2007

Six degrees of Andrew Cunanan

Fashion designer Gianni Versace's Miami mansion surrounded by yellow police tape (above) and Time magazine's cover (left) as cops hunted for his killer. Andrew Cunanan, 28, had already murdered four men and was on his way to killing a fifth, the police said, when I arrived in Provincetown that July. There were "wanted" posters in shop windows along Commercial Street -- and in San Francisco, New York and other places with lots of gay men. It would be a little while before I knew Cunanan had visited the West Side Club in Chelsea within a week of my being there. That was the game we played: six degrees of Andrew Cunanan. It ended when Cunanan, holed up in a Miami houseboat, killed himself as police apparently drew closer. But not before he murdered his fifth victim, Versace, 10 years ago today, on the front steps of the designer's South Beach palazzo.

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