Friday, July 13, 2007

Dateline P-Town: Bears lazy, avoid beach

Castro Confidential telexes its far-flung correspondents for Social Notes from All Over. Today, a friend writes from Cape Cod, where he's on a Bear Week holiday:

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. -- It's been a typical P-town week: A lot of sun, a little rain, a lot of men, a little bit of sexual compulsion. Oh, and biking the paths, strolling naked on the beach, and seeing Varla Jean Merman simultaneously sing and eat Cheez Whiz.

It's a bit odd to see P-town taken over by bears. And they have really taken over. Even though in past years we've been in town during "family week," I don't recall the gay scene ever being so dominated. The crowd at Spiritus at night is overwhelmingly furry, with the full gamut of bear "types" from sleek otters to studly muscle bears and some big fat bears, as well. And everything in between.

Bears, although friendly, are also lazy. More stick to town, with fewer on the bike trails, and fewer making the trek across the estuary to the nude beach (which is more deserted this year than in previous years). Also, at Tea there is a great amount of alcohol consumed on the deck, but the dance floor is empty until very late, and never really gets jammed. Oh, and finally: Dick Dock is quite popular. P-town, despite my great fears, remains P-town. The ritual continues.

The biggest change was the extension of Tea from a 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. close some years ago. That continues to complicate "after-t" and dinner. Guys still get to the A-House or the Crown & Anchor at 11, and mill around for two hours until the 1 a.m. close. The leather dance last night at the Paramount (in the Crown) had a huge and very active back room that I only noticed at 12:30 a.m. So, OK, some things have changed. But the light, the art, the schlock: It's all still here. Still, where are the lesbians? Oh, and Clem and Ursies is not what it used to be. Sigh. Relatively expensive and underwhelming.

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