Sunday, July 22, 2007

New interview: Francois unwrapped

Barely three years after making his first porn film for Raging Stallion Studios in San Francisco, Francois Sagat has become one of the most recognizable faces in the global gay skin trade, Beautiful says in a series of interviews featuring lots of naughty photos of the Parisian star; the last installment was published yesterday. Sagat, 28, born and raised in Cognac, moved to Paris when he was 18:
  • No details spared! "Believe it or not,'' Sagat says in interview Part I, "my asshole is really tight, even though some think the opposite."
  • He's doing what he loves -- a lot! "I’m really nasty and a pig. What can I say . . . I love sex, and I like it aggressive,'' he says in Part II. "But I think I’m more expressive in my own private sex life than in the movies."
  • And, life in the big city isn't as swell as you'd think, Part III says: "Paris is so boring sometimes."

[Photo: Francois Sagat]


Michael Cabina said...

GRRRR!!! My new husband! LOL

Rocky said...

Do I really need to comment? Maybe you need a weekly Sagat report. I'd be willing to stalk him for ya.

Jim said...

I'll propose your idea to Francois the next time he and I have sex.

seymour said...

Total hotness. Thanks for sharing