Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My kind of workplace harrassment

Most gay porn producers crank out videos set in garages, bars, ranches and other rough-and-tumble settings. But Britain's Men At Play specializes in the office, showing us hunky bosses in pin-stripe suits and their equally hot subordinates. (Gee, the word subordinate has a whole new meaning!) Take Spank 2, starring Carlos Caballero (hah! that name!) as the tyrant boss and Franko Dominicci (hah again!) as the eager-beaver worker. (Guess Franko's looking, above, for a paper clip lost in the boss' lap. Or not.) From the video's synopsis: "After scaring off one assistant, (Carlos) finds himself having to conduct interviews to find a suitable replacement. But with a reputation that is well known throughout the city, Carlos' candidates are hardly flying in, except for a young and ambitious Franko who has no idea what lies in store for him."

Want even more suits? Check out Business Affairs, a coffee-table book with an office-sweet theme co-produced by Men At Play.

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