Thursday, July 05, 2007

Leading B.A.R.: Bisexualists are griping

What I'm reading today in our little weekly: BI-CRY: Bisexuals have their panties in a knot over news coverage during the gay pride parade, giving rise to a new (to me, anyway) term, biphobia. CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Lots of assaults, including a malicious pepper-spraying and a Muni driver attacked at Church and Market. KARRNAL KNOWLEDGE: It's, "Hi, boss,'' and away they go in Dad's Automotive, Panetheon Productions' latest mature-man themed flick. MISTER MARCUS: More high drama -- amazing, ain't it? -- in San Francisco's soap-opera-esque leather community. OUT THERE: Margaret Cho isn't very nice to super-nice First Lady Laura Bush. So mean!

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