Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leading B.A.R.: Counting down to Dore Alley

What I'm reading today in our little weekly: MISTER MARCUS says up to 20,000 leather queens are expected for this weekend's leather-palooza, Up Your Alley (above; inset left, from last year). HOMICIDE HELP? Police need help solving the S&M-related murder of a local man after finding a suspicious B.A.R. advertisement by a suspect arrested in the case. BLUE CHAIRS: Puerto Vallarta joins Palm Springs, Provincetown and Key West as a growing gay hot spot. CRIME & PUNISHMENT. Vandalism at a coin-operated laundry; and Albertine, a 9-year-old Saint Francis terrier, left his Dolores Park play group, ran up to a man, bit him on the right calf, "then ran back to the pack as if nothing happened." How rude! KARRNAL KNOWLEDGE. Fist and South, Part I stretches, uh, celestial boundaries: "The dildos used in two scenes have the circumference of small planets." Plus, OUT THERE begs John Travolta: Get off your knees!

[Photo inset: That sexy alley cat is from dram's Flickr page]

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