Monday, July 02, 2007

A.1. Steak Sauce is her favorite aphrodisiac

We gays in the Castro seldom run into that curious species: heterosexuals. So, now and then, it's worth visiting their little (sad?) world to find out what they're up to. Here's an ad posted today on Craigslist's women seeking men personals section.

Do you have a warm slender body and like to cuddle? I have a headache right now and how I wish to have a warm slender body to cuddle to ease the headache and fall to dreamland right now. I have a feminine body to hold on to, according to my sleeping mates' collective comments. Do you have a warm slender body and also a warm heart to go with it that I can sleep peacefully at night? I'm D&D free and so you should be. If you have a tender and elastic skin and smoke-free smell, that'd be great!

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