Saturday, June 30, 2007

What is it about gay men and peninsulas?

Islands, too! Sparky and I are planning a trip to Provincetown, where we met eight years ago, and to the Spanish island of Ibiza. (Side note, fellas: We love Spaniards because they legalized same-sex marriage two years ago today.) To recap: San Francisco is at the tip of a peninsula. P-town is at the tip of a peninsula. There's peninsular Key West, of course. Other islands of gay resort include Manhattan and Fire (Island). I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of others. What's it all mean? I guess we've always fled to out-of-the-way places where we feel safe and free to be, well, gay. Plus, of course, peninsula sounds like it has something to do with penises, right? [Photo: Google Earth]

1 comment:

hello, my name is danny. said...

you are such an astute observer of the gay male condition! LOL

yeah, i do like the way 'peninsula' rols off the toungue in that sexually provocative way.

enjoy ibiza!