Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vasquez and Roxy in a final close-up

Two gay legends come together tonight in New York City when DJ Junior Vasquez (left) presides over a 12-hour Pride Weekend thump-a-thon at Roxy before the dance hall is torn down next month. New York magazine just published a Q&A with the disco divo where Vasquez, 57, talks about young gay guys and his new drug of choice. (Hint: It ain't Tina.)

New York: Crystal meth really messed you up a few years ago, but you say you've been off it for two and a half years now. What's your Gay Pride public service message to the kiddies?

Vasquez: Don't touch that shit. It'll suck your soul and ruin your life, and it'll take years to get it back. These [gay] kids today, it almost disgusts me — they don't recognize all the things we've fought for for them.

NY: How will you make it through this twelve-hour set Saturday night? Any Red Bulls?

Vasquez: I can't do them so much anymore. Maybe one in the morning. Or half a beer in the last two hours.

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