Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tonight: Ecstatic over thump-a-thon?

Pride Weekend's biggest club event is called, duh! Colossus. But I dunno: $120 for two tickets for Sparky and me? I've got a surprise that might entice him to a big, noisy event full of young, buff, Ecstasy-horny guys (yahoo!). But I bet we'll happily grope our way through Pink Saturday instead. SFScene says go, if only for "the grand spectacle of it all." See you there!

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The Jaded Gay DJ said...

Thanks for the quote! I'll hit you back with a link off my blogroll as soon as I've made my own way through the madness! Come by Faerie Village tomorrow to hear my boyfriend, Lord Kook, spin at 1, and then I close it out at 5!