Friday, June 01, 2007

Ranch dressing on the side

A deleted scene from the new comedy, Knocked Up, opening tonight to a pretty good review in today's San Francisco Chronicle. It's a beauty-and-the-beast story about a drunken one-night stand gone awry. In this scene, straight guy Jonah (played by Jonah Hill) complains that director Ang Lee held too much back in Brokeback Mountain. "I want to see Jake Gyllenhaal on all fours getting his salad tossed by Heath Ledger!"

Getting his salad tossed was a new one to Sparky. But I heard that slang term for rimming when I lived in Kentucky. My more worldly friend David (he's been to Russia and other countries whose names I can't even pronounce!) has another one: German hospitality. [Fedora tip: Kenneth in the 212]

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