Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One rich sugar daddy, two hung black men...

. . . and we've got my kind of Pacific Heights party! A self-styled corporate mogul in one of San Francisco's most posh 'hoods (hi, Dede!) is looking for a slutty live-in girlfriend in return for $5,000 a week. The catch: She's got to agree to be fucked by a couple of studly black personal trainers while the 40-year-old exec watches.

He lays it all out in this Craigslist ad. (It may be gone by the time you read this; gossip blog Valleywag's got the full text.) The money graph: "I will only share you with 2 black men. I have known both of these gentlemen for quite some time. Both are physical fitness trainers here in the city who are very cafeful [sic] about their bodies. They are very selective about who their sexual partners are. One is 40, 6'4" 235 solid muscle, over 10 inches. The other is 42, 6'5" 240 solid muscle, over 10 inches as well. And they love fucking sexy white women. They are very healthy, clean, and in shape."

Yum! Reminds me of that over-the-top Details magazine story about "Mandingo" sex parties. Anyone know those two trainers? Send tips to castroconfidential@gmail.com.

[Major hat tip to Valleywag! Photo: That's built-for-sex Dexter from Jake Cruise Media; more NSFW pics of Dexter here]

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