Monday, June 11, 2007

New book says John Kennedy Jr. was bisexual

The tell-all about the studly scion of one of America's great political dynasties liked men -- a lot. American Legacy, by C. David Heymann, says John Kennedy Jr. went clubbing in the late 1980s with French physical therapist Jean Christian Massard. "He confided -- and I believed him -- that he'd had several flings with men,'' Massard is quoted in the book saying. Another friend from his Brown University days says Kennedy tried to nail Madonna in a sketchy Chicago hotel. But the high-wattage pair couldn't pull it off because they didn't have any rubbers. The book is out July 10.

I was a student at Brown during Kennedy's years, and have four distinct memories of him. 1. We were introduced ever so briefly in a campus coffee shop. He nodded at me; thrills galore! 2. The gay students association always made sure to invite him to our frequent dances (but I'm pretty sure he never showed up). 3. A supermarket tabloid -- the National Enquirer, I think -- called once and tried to get me to say that Kennedy was gay (I wouldn't do it because I had no idea whether it was true). 4. Rounding a street corner one day, Kennedy and I nearly bumped into each other. He was wearing a white T-shirt and gray exercise shorts that were very, very, very thin. He reached down to scratch himself -- mind you, he was standing less than a foot from me -- and man, oh, man, did his junk bounce up and down. The man was hung.

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