Thursday, June 21, 2007

Leading B.A.R.: Pink Saturday on the Q-T

What I'm reading this morning in our little weekly: HUSH, HUSH. Pink Saturday organizers are tamping down publicity for the annual Castro street party (above) so it doesn't draw the bridge-and-tunnel crowd that ruined Halloween in the 'hood. (Urgent correction: Ignore what I just wrote!) GAY SHAME is proud of their shame. Or maybe they're ashamed of their pride? So confusing! KARRNAL KNOWLEDGE: Surprises galore, including No. 4: the reinvigorated Mustang video line's Limits; it's "steamy hot, solidly butch." OUT THERE: Pre-pride, Roberto is quaking in his Uggs and all queer-and-questioning about Hanukkah candles. [Photo: B.A.R.]

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