Tuesday, June 12, 2007

G-a-w-l-y! Love that outfit!

It's so Sansabelt Christmas in Palm Springs. Well: He's 77 today (more big birthdays here). May I say there's something suspiciously sanitized about Jim Nabors' Wikipedia entry? I love all those details about how many times he got riffed in Simpsons episodes -- including one where Rupert Murdoch doppelgänger C. Montgomery Burns orders "the thawing of Jim Nabors'' when another star fails to show for an event. But where's the 411 on Nabors' private life -- and those unfounded rumors he secretly married Rock Hudson. "We can't be seen together,'' Hudson sniffed. And is it just another urban myth, or does Nabors really have one of Hollywood's biggest hammers? The Large Penis Support Group seems to think so!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those rumours still ongoing, LOL.