Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We gays go bicycling

Channeling our muse (left), five of us met at the big rainbow flag at Castro and Market streets last night for a Different Spokes jaunt to the San Francisco Zoo and back. But first, of course, I slipped into my Italian blood-orange red bicycling shorts (which see) -- all the better to look fierce riding through the 'hood.

We snaked our way through Golden Gate Park, seeing many sights. The Polo Field and Stadium, where the smart set hasn't played since dinosaurs walked the earth. Bums cooking dinner over burning trash. Lovely! Plus, many, many other men riding bikes in equally tight and revealing clothing. Boy! Regrettably, we did not see any men in wetsuits emerging from the surf at Ocean Beach. Darn!

Returning home, I stopped at Bi-Rite for supper: turkey lasagne ($7.99) and a pint of Straus Family Creamery raspberry ice cream ($4.49). Delish!

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