Monday, May 21, 2007

Tom Ford's boyfriend, and going commando

Ford doesn't wear underwear and he thinks his new Manhattan store should smell like a man's balls. Really! It's all in New York magazine's new profile of the studly fashion designer (left).

"At 45," the magazine says, "Ford is still the only handsome male fashion designer, with perfect stubble, manicured nails, and not an ounce of fat: 'When my clothes are getting tight, that’s not a sign to me that I need to go to another size—it’s a reminder that I have to stop eating, or suffer,' he explains. He has been scrutinized for signs of a toupee, Restylane, and lifted shoes. However, the Tom Ford chest hair remains in fine form, a forest of manliness barely concealed by a polo shirt, usually with merely three or four buttons undone."

Maddeningly, Gawker says, one "nice and thick'' detail got left on New York's editing-room floor, however. For all his sex appeal, Ford's a one-man man when it comes to long-time companion Richard Buckley (no photo of Buckley, unfortunately!). “I wish I could’ve been a rock star," Ford tells the magazine, "because they don’t have to talk -- their music talks for them. Plus they get to sleep all day, do lots of drugs, and have sex with anyone they want.” [Photo: New York]

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