Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dante's cheesy?

You're gawking at Charlie David as Toby and Jon Fleming as Adam on what looks like a very cheesy gayed-up version of Dark Shadows. This one's called Dante's Cove. Here's the producer's elevator pitch: "As the season begins, Kevin Archer leaves an abusive home to follow his boyfriend, Toby, to Dante’s Cove, a remote tropical island populated by beautiful young residents, gay and straight. Unknown to Kevin, Dante’s Cove has a dark and dangerous history, and he is unwittingly being drawn into a web of supernatural intrigue." Oy. (The show's website is for shits, too.)

But it must have fans. Wiki says: A third season of six one-hour episodes have been filmed and are currently in post-production, and will begin airing on here! this coming October. Am I missing something? Watch some of the related videos in Flicks, on the right, and tell me what you think.

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