Saturday, May 26, 2007

Solving the Israeli consul sex whodunit

Dror Barak (above) quit his job at the Israeli consulate in New York City early this month after being outed as a porn star working under the name Roman Ragazzi for Miami skin entrepreneur Collin O'Neal. He was unmasked in a Page Six gossip column. Now, Queerty has followed an e-mail trail in an exhaustive attempt to answer the question: Who spilled the beans to Page Six? "Intelligent, well-traveled, exceedingly attractive and equally well-endowed, the 230-pound, 5’11” Barak would make a perfect boyfriend,'' Queerty says. "Women and men – especially men – would kill to have a piece of the living, breathing fantasy. No doubt they’d pay to watch him fuck on film.''

To be sure, I haven't sampled the goods, so I can't confirm the well-endowed part. But "exceedingly attractive," with a mug like that?

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