Friday, May 18, 2007

The more Spacey knows men...

. . . the more the alleged homosexualist (left) loves Mini, Kevin Spacey's part-mongrel, part-terrier, part-Jack Russell. "I got her in Battersea, England,'' the actor tells gossipuss Cindy Adams (third item). "She loves to travel. She's always around me, even backstage. She has a great personality, was easy to train, knows not to wander onstage and just curls up in an empty dressing room. And I love taking her to the dog run. I go there every day and know lots of the dog owners." Oooh, it's so like US magazine 's "Stars Are Just Like Us" feature! "Listen, I do things myself. Nobody does them for me. I do what I want to do. I just live my life and never give a shit how it looks." Unless, of course, he's accused of being gay, which Spacey famously denied. But come on: a Jack Russell?

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