Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Barbara Parkins at 65, and her Castro visit

If she's not a 1960s-era gay icon, she's at least an iconette: Barbara Parkins, who turns 65 today, starred in Valley of the Dolls and in the TV series Peyton Place. In that soaper, she played Betty "Bad Girl" Anderson to Ryan O'Neill's more chaste Rodney Harrington. There they are (left), bouffant and all.

My favorite scene from Valley of the Dolls: Susan Hayward's Helen Lawson ("So, you came crawling back to Broadway. Well, Broadway doesn't go for booze and dope") going drunko a drunko with Patty Duke's Neely O'Hara. Wiki recalls the camp classic, and Parkins' 1997 visit to San Francisco: "Barbara Parkins, attending a special screening of the film at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, told the sold-out crowd, 'I know why you like it... because it's so bad!'" And we loves the badboys. The trailer is a hoot:

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