Wednesday, May 02, 2007

But was Browne's squeeze a suit or a boot?

Mystery solved! Suddenly outed and unemployed BP CEO John Browne met ex-boyfriend Jeff Chevalier (left) on Suited & Booted, which bills itself as London's top escort service. (The site is down now, no doubt swamped by all the Brits shopping for love.) The powerful oil industry executive, 59, lied to a judge about how he met Chevalier, 27, when his lawyers got an injunction stopping British press from detailing his sex life. Browne had said he met Chevalier while exercising in London's Battersea Park. But Browne just admitted lying to the judge, spurring the court to withdraw the injunction -- and the presses rolled. Browne's relationship with Chevalier lasted four years, long enough for Chevalier to move in swank social circles that included Elton John, Gwyneth Paltrow and Prime Minister Tony Blair. He also was treated to five-star hotels and flown on holidays aboard a private jet. [Photo: Mail on Sunday]

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