Friday, June 01, 2007

Big beanie babies

Half-naked young men fight to climb a well-lubricated phallic object while older boys watch gleefully on the sidelines. Porno shoot? Nope. It's the Herndon Monument Climb, which traditionally marks the end of the freshman year at the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland. Like the many athletic boys who preceded them, this year's class of more than 1,000 plebes had to scale the Herndon Monument and replace the plebe dixie-cup beanie at the top with a midshipman's cap. The 21-foot-tall monument is coated with 200 lbs. of lard by upperclassmen who also spray water on the plebes as they climb. Fun! But wait. Doesn't that monumenty-thing get kind of stinky a few days later? Oh, well! All Rand Photography has plenty more pix to drool over here. So, hither and yon, a week of manly rites of passage for men carrying big guns! [Beanie tip to One Stop Cool]

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