Friday, April 13, 2007

Maybe the lube's name spooked 'em

Lauren Smiley at SF Weekly reports: "The 29-year-old creator and pretty face of Boy Butter, Eyal Feldman of Los Angeles, says that Comcast rejected an ad for his new latex-safe lube, You Won't Believe It's Not Boy Butter. " (That's Feldman in a photo on his company's website.)

The commercial shows a guy rubbing the creamy lube on another guy's hand. "I could only assume it was because two men were touching," Feldman tells Smiley. "You turn on the [TV] at 10 p.m. and you're watching drunk, topless girls making out with each other on a pile of Mardi Gras beads. That they can't show this in the gay capital is a little pathetic."

My sympathies. I, however, am an Eros man. Now, can anyone explain why the maker is changing that lube's brand name to Pjur -- the parent company's name? Eros = sex. Pjur = I dunno what.

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