Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maybe it's because we live in cities

The New York Times discovers that some cars (and, so, their drivers) look gay -- when, of course, they aren't. "Cars are no more straight or gay than cellphones, office chairs or weed whackers,'' the NYT says here. "But in recent years that truism has not stopped a perception among some motorists that certain cars can, in the right context, be statements about a driver’s sexual orientation."

It's Mini Cooper Convertibles for boys, Subaru Outbacks (hi, Janet!) for girls. Dunno about the girls, but maybe gay men favor Minis and Scions because they're small enough to park on city streets.

I drive maybe twice a year, because I leave the roadwork to Sparky. But I sure do love Mini's website. And who knew there was an auto shopping site for gay boys and girls over at Gay Wheels?

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