Saturday, April 14, 2007

In new book, it's Pat vs. Dede

Long-time readers -- those of you with Castro Confidential all the way back to a week ago! -- know about my fascination with All Things Dede Wilsey. So you can imagine my delight upon learning there are new chapters just published in the life of San Francisco's most-feared and very blond fundraiser.

From Radar: "Did you enjoy Sean Wilsey's 2005 tome Oh the Glory of It All? Well, now, thanks to the indestructible munificence of Judith Regan, you can enjoy the book all over again, as told by his mother, Pat Montandon. Oh the Hell of It All is out this month and retells the tale of Montandon's rise and fall as a San Francisco socialite turned peace crusader. It also proves that Wilsey was not remiss when he described his then-babe-a-licious bohemian mom as, well, batshit insane."

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